We are the Leaders in Support Ticket Management System and Software

Our system offers you a cloud based comprehensive Support Ticket Management System and Software which insures a seamless experience for your clients.

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About Us

Your Worry free Solution for Managing Support Tickets

In the course of smoothening our online portals, we tend to mess things up in organising the support tickets, which ruins all our efforts in the Biz. We here at Hdesk, make an attempt to manage the support tickets for your venture. Our application dually handles open tickets and tickets which require a proper login. Most importantly, you only need to register just once and your details will appear next time, automatically. Such is our multi-tenants system which facilitates Id tracking and automated email verification for the clients. Hdesk offers rapid deployment, paving way for easy access on the internet on any computer. Hitching together features like sub-domain, cloud computing, client data pooling, SMS integration and Email ticketing, our endeavour is crafting its way globally. Spicing it up with the API access feature, customer engagement on your website is eased, encouraging your profits.

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Sub-domain and Cloud hosting

Positioned at any locale on the globe, you can now access the application, subject to Sub-Domain and Cloud Hosting features that we offer you.

White Labeling

It’s very much possible to have your own logo, in our reign, headers and footers, email signatures, email sender’s SMTP/IMAP, APIs helping you to funnel down your system into websites and mobile apps, coz we authorise White Labelling. Category wise branding allows a different set for each project

Email Ticketing

Assign emails like support@yourdomain.com as Hdesk helps you set your own SMTP/IMAP details. Get ready to receive your emails as new tickets and Thread communication in the form of replies through notification emails.

API’s Access

Engagement of customers on your website will never get hampered because of ticketing, its tracking and updating. We also have API integration assistance served to our clients.

Category wise Branding

Its same as White labelling each category so that you can Include different logo, header, footers and SMTP/ IMAP details for each category say for different projects.


Hdesk allows customisations for Priority, Status, Open/Logged in tickets, Auto/manual assignments, location wise stakeholders, ticket prefix, custom tracking URLs etc.

Canned Responses

Reduce the response time by switching to automatically generated responses to FAQs in our saved responses category.

Mobile & Email Notifications

Get informed and updated about the tickets through SMS or email Notifications.

Clients data Pooling

Clients data pooling enables them generate new tickets quickly.

Custom Email Notifications

This enables you to customize & manage each status update and other events notifications.

Comments Thred with File Uploads

HDesk will enable both Clients & Staff to ask for Feedbak and to Reply so forming a communication thred.

Reporting and Insights

Discover how HDesk can help your organisation managing Support tickets and win more and more satisfied clients.

Role based permissions

The unique feature of our software is the role based permissions which allows only the particular designated employee to access the data based on the permissions allotted to them thereby preserving confidentiality.

Data Export

We offer various customised filters viz daterange,presets etc. Using this export your filtered data in various formats like exelsheets, csv and pdfs and also the mail directly to your account.

Interactive and Informative dashboard

Be actualised with current day, real time client information with our Informative Dashboards. Hdesk helps you to thus capture more satisfied clients